Curriculum & Instruction

Central High School works hard to surpass the academic guidelines established by the California Department of Education by providing a challenging and engaging curriculum for our students.

Central High School Curriculum

Central High School follows California and Morgan Hill Unified District guidelines. The school district has adopted content standards and assessments. These assessments allow teachers, students and parents to see where individuals are in reaching and/or exceeding District Standards. The measures will determine whether the student has successfully learned grade level standards. The results of these measures will enable teachers to teach to your child’s individual needs and strengths


(Established Schoolwide Learning Results)

Central High School will prepare its graduates to be:

Academically Competent Learners who:

  • demonstrate skill literacy across curriculum
  • can research, develop logical solutions to problems and formulate effective decisions and recommendations
  • can exhibit learning as a product, project or presentation
  • understand the interconnected nature of learning
  • demonstrate academic skills using appropriate and available resources
  • can use appropriate technology in all environments

Responsible Citizens who:

  • attend school regularly and productively
  • contribute time and talents to the whole community
  • demonstrate an understanding of and participate in the democratic process
  • value diversity and accept others as contributing members of society
  • work to promote sustainability of resources

Self-Directed, Career Oriented Individuals who:

  • prioritize and use time effectively
  • develop a personal education plan
  • consider post secondary opportunities
  • identify and use appropriate job acquisition skills to join the work force
  • plan, direct, track and evaluate progress toward explicit goals (e.g. develop a personal growth plan)
  • identify and connect personal interests and life goals

Effective Communicators who:

  • listen, read, write, and speak effectively using appropriate skills
  • work with others to solve problems and create positive results
  • apply appropriate skills (e.g. mathematics, technology, etc.) as needed in problem solving